Mar 14

New Alessi and Bertolucci watches — the Nicest and Most lovely Watches for Girls in Spring Days

If you are nice enough and the spring is your favorite season, then you have no reason of not possessing the following cute and lovely watches.

Alessi is an Italy household appliances manufacturer founded in gains its international fame because a number of design masters of it produced many of the classical designs. It is undoubtedly the 20th century’s most influential product design company. Italian design signify nationalization, localization style, and they leave the world impression like romance, affectionate, being fond of pursuit of novelty, stimulation, high grade. From the daily life this style and features fully reflected. Albert is Alessi’s company leader, he says “Design should never be conservative iconic or simply cannot inspire people. It should bring creative development for industry. To evaluate a design whether is excellent or not, not only depends on technology, function and market, a real design must have a sense of moving and it must be able to convert emotion, awake the memory, let a person shriek, and is full of rebel as well. It must be very perceptual so that we feel like a unique life that only belongs to oneself. In other words, it must be full of poetic quality or flavor.”Having so perceptual leaders, necessarily, Alessi can bring some very humanized and interesting products to the markets.

Alessi fruit flavored watch

This Alessi’s latest watch designed by Karim Rashid with bright hues is appropriate for spring feature. It is available in 12 colors with the simple and fruit flavored face. It is Water resistant to 90 feet. Who can resist this lovely watch?

Established by Remo Bertolucci in 1987, Switzerland, Bertolucci Company combining Swiss watchmaking and the grand Italian aesthetic of design has designed many luxurious watches until today.

bertolucci_ starfish stella

This new released watch focuses on colorful spray of gemstones. The uniqueness of starfish-shaped Stella which sparkles with diamonds sapphires, garnets and amethysts catches eyes most. It’s really a highly-crafted masterpiece which infuses a Mediterranean feel and the structure of this timepiece reminds us of the beauty of the country.

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