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Bovet 7-day Tourbillon Watch with Reversed Hand-fitting

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Bovet 7-day Tourbillon with Reversed Hand-fitting

Bovet will bestow a watch for Duchenne Muscular Distrophy Research in September 2011. The piece is created exclusively for the only Watch 2011 auction. The watch will display its uniqueness by the traditional and artistic engraving design and identity of Bovet that Pascal Raffy intend to deliver.

Similar to entire Fleurier collection, he chose to build 7-days Tourbillon Bovet with Reverse Hand-fitting for this occasion. The watch is put in an Amadeo case, which enables users to convert their wristwatches into pocket watch or table clock easily without requiring any other tool. This is only adopted by Bovet Tourbillon.

The tourbillon movement is created by Dimier 1738 Manufacture de Haute Horlogerie, revealing time precisely with the exquisite reverse hand fitting.

The duality and hand-engraved adornment symbolize the rich theme of this timepiece. It is worth mentioning that lineage of Bovet closely associated with China since its establishment in 1822. As you can see in the picture, the phoenix and dragon on the dial were images in Chinese mythology.

The dragon is linked to Emperor of China and symbolizes supreme both celestial and terrestrial power and spiritual strength. Living under the water, the dragon brings luck, prosperity and timely rains. It is presented with cattle ears, camel head, deer horns, snake neck and tiger feet.

The phoenix is one of supernatural and sacred animals in ancient China. It symbolizes achievement, immortality, luck and success. According to principles of Feng Shui, the dragon and phoenix are perfect embodiment of yin and yang.

The dragon is presented on the surface of front dial. It is complete hand-engraved work. The craftsman make it transit smoothly from the dial to the bezel with various angles.

The complicated details dramatically catch the attention and perfectly demonstrate craftsmen’s unrivalled talent.

In order to maintain optimum legibility, time is told by disk displayed indicators instead of power reserve indicator through a mini window located at point of nine o’clock.

By the way, only the decoration of this unique watch is required no less than three hundred hours of work.

Bovet 7-day Tourbillon with Reversed Hand-fitting


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