Jun 8

High Priced Breitling 18K Gold Watches at Amason.com

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I have a habit of searching beautiful watches online. The other day, I encountered authentic Breitling watches at the Amazon.com and when I categorized them according to prices from highest to lowest. The searching result was interesting enough to share. Here are three highest price Breitling watches from Amazon.com and they come together with pictures.

High Priced Breitling watch

This is a new Breitling watches for Bentley Motors. It is a solid 18K gold watch. As you can see in the picture, it features an 18K yellow gold case which looks brilliant. The bracelet comes together with a deployment buckle clasp. Though the dial is black, the luminescent hands and indicators make the time easy to read. Besides, there are 25 jewels in the watch. It is water resistant to three hundred and thirty meters and is built in with a self winding automatic chronometer movement. It costs $26,645.

High Priced Breitling watch

New Breitling watch for Bentley Motors again. It is designed with 1/8th second chronograph and a Calibre 13 self winding movement. The dial is made of scratch resistant sapphire crystal. Similar to the above piece, it comes in solid 18K yellow case and bracelet. It cost $31,995.

High Priced Breitling watch

This one looks similar to mentioned pieces in addition to the silver dial. All details make the watch a gorgeous piece. It costs $35,175.

If you fall in love with these stunning Breitling pieces and they are within your acceptability. You can buy them from the internet. If you miss out the opportunity, there is no need to worry. Actually, Google search will help you find many. There is a large market out there.


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