Mar 28

Brilliant Carl F. Bucherer Alacria Women Wrist Watch

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Carl-F.-Bucherer-Alacria-WatchNearly for a century, Bucherer perfectly combines creativity and superb professional technology to make many rare and stylish watches. The use of high-quality diamonds reveals its aims of producing best-of-the-best watches. The tradition of royal connotation is better fused in sensual female watches.

Decisive factors of the birth of Alacria wrist watch are diamond color, diamond clarity and cut. A diamond need have 57 cut faces at least can be called brilliant cut. Bucherer’s handpick of diamond means the absolutely high standard of wrist watch quality. After polishing, they emit natural and brilliant rays.

The Carl F. Bucherer Alacria watch is the typical representative in the watchmaking. It is a piece of jewelry art with the professional and first-class carved and polished skills.

Alacria wrist watch is featured with smooth and distinctive three-dimensional curved case which is with glamorous craftsmanship. Because of its fashionable design, it attracts sizable followers including those women who continuously pursue elegant tastes and those who not merely treat watches as simple timers.

New Alacria watch lets time leisurely intoxicated with cheerful atmosphere. 18K pure steel or gold case adds the gentleness to magnificence. Colorful watch band match with dial perfectly displays women’s noble sentiment and personal style. Wonderful aesthetic workmanship makes it the favorite of city infatuate and carries extreme high collection value.

Inspired by Indian culture, this Carl F. Bucherer, the Alacria royal limited edition creates a timepiece for eternity. The jewel-embellished watch symbolizes the dignity and sacrifice. It is the timeless timepiece for dazzling lady.Bucherer-Alacria-Women-Wrist-Watch

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