Jan 12

Casio Wave Ceptor Chronograph Watch – Always Keeps You on Time

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This Casio Waveceptor watch is the flagship model for the British Touring Car Championship – as advertised. Casio’s Wave Ceptor Watches are some of the most advanced watches in the world. Featuring Wave Ceptor technology, the Atomic Timekeeping ensures the time is always exact by continuously synchronizing itself with radio transmitters across the globe. They function dual region technology, allowing you to use them in mainland Europe as well as the UK. Wave Ceptor watches automatically adjust for daylight savings time. Here is more information.


the Casio Wave Ceptor Chronograph Watch is a large sized, deep and well set watch with 45mm case width and 14mm depth. Black carbon fiber is the most prominent colour in the dail of the watch. It is not easy to get dirty. Stainless steel is common case material, so is this watch. To match with the dial color, designers also use black for its rubber strap.


If you like swimming, then Casio Wave Ceptor Chronograph Watch is your good choice. Its water resistant can reach 100 metres. Japanese Quartz movement make it power by battery. And some basic functions are included, for instance, time, day, date, full auto calendar with auto DST function, world time with second time zone call up function, daily alarm, chronograph stopwatch.


Velocity Indicator, The average speed for a travelled route can be measured. Simply enter the distance at the start and press the stop watch when the destination has been reached – and the average speed is shown.

Perpetual Calendar: The day and date in this watch automatically synchronises itself to adjust for long/short months and leap years, so it never needs to be reset.

This kind of watch is popular with people who like sports and fashion. Why not have a watch both practical and fashionable.

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