May 20

Cuervo y Sobrinos Esplendidos 1882: Finest Automatic Watch

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This Cuervo y Sobrinos Esplendidos 1882 watch features a stainless steel case and a leather strap. It is designed with automatic movement. Even though it is only water resistant to 30 meters, it has an amazing display in design. The hour and minutes are showed in windows with Arabic numbers rather than with hands. It is exactly gentleman’s watch which gives you a feeling that it is a high end timepiece at the first sight. Same as the digital watches, this Cuervo y Sobrinos Esplendidos 1882 reveals time in rotating windows. The hour window is on the top of the dial, minutes below while the date window at the bottom.

This timepiece is an extraordinary device that can meet the needs of fashion and savvy men who are in favor of uniqueness. You would feel in love with it immediately by the appeal of different rotating wheel display.


Why it is called Cuervo y Sobrinos 1882? It was in the year 1882 when a man named Cuervo started a watch store on Havana’s luxurious Avenida Quinta. Let’s check out the list of its renowned customers. Clark Gable, Ernest Hemingway, Winston Churchill, even our greatest scientist Albert Einstein, all of them are on the list. Does it give you a surprise?

Now, Cuervo Sobrinos watches are based in Switzerland, but their designs carry pleasant Cube vibe. Each Cuervo watch is different from the others.

This tobacco-colored and three dimensional watch tells you how long you have to wait before the start of the cocktail time in funny and playful way. Do you like it?


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