Apr 2

D.M.H Jumping Hour: True Handmade Watches by Fred Dingemans

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We know that most people love buying famous brand watches. But do you know it is a good move to buy a watch from an independent watch company which can tell you from the crowd who wears watches designed by large watch conglomerates like Swatch Group or LVMH. You can rest assured that you will belong to the rare group of watch lovers with unique taste and who do not care too much about brands. To be honest, it will take heart of grace to spend thousands of dollars buying watch without a brand name on a dial for reorganization.

Numbers of independent watchmakers are presenting their innovative designs to the public in various exhibitions which become good platforms for them to advertise their new timepieces. I am going to introduce one watchmaker and one model of it to you.

D.M.H is an independent watch maker from Netherlands which is founded by Fred Dingemans who is a one-man show and produces about 12 pieces each year. The D.M.H watches are produced on the basis of requirement of customers. Fred watches are the unique and handmade timepieces, and if you want one of them you do better line up right now. The watches are produced by well-maintained vintage machinery and some homemade tools. The D.M.H watches have aesthetic appearance, while Fred says that he does not make watch intentionally for the glamorous photo shoots, but for the love of craft. His aim is to make next one better than the precious one.dmh_jump_hour

Currently, he decides to create watches with more functions to the dials. The jumping hour watches are the latest designs. From the dial, we can see part of movement and jump hour mechanism. They look nice and it is the marvelous original creation of Fred.

Trying to buy an independent watch must be an interesting activity. The D.M.H watch will bring you different experience.

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