Jun 1

Dior Christal 8 Pearl Watch: Luxury Lady Version

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dior christal watch

Dior is a well-known France fashion brand and its full name is Christian Dior. Sometimes it is called CD by its fans.

Among so many decent products of the brand, there is a women watch of Dior Chiffre Rouge T01 called Dior Christal 8 Pearl watch. The watch looks so attractive that you may have a feeling that it would be as popular as the well-received champagne. I cannot help imagining that the designer might have a mouthful of top quality champagne when he designed this watch.

The Dior Christal 8 Pearl watch features stainless steel case and bracelet which is underlined by attractive sapphire crystals. The 38mm diameter is adorned with 120 stunning diamonds. On the top of watch crown, there is a beautiful white sapphire crystal. As you can see in the picture, the dial are made of white pearl with texture, which is one reason that the name of watch come from. Gold is the commonest color of this brand. This watch is not an exception in that the hands sport in gold.

As to the movement, the watch is built in with Calibre Dior 8 Fuseaux Horaires automatic movement that is newly designed by ETA. The movement powers central hours, minutes and a small sub-dial which contains two moving discs. One works in the format of 12-hour while the other moves with a scale of 24-hours. The sub-dial can tell time of eight time zones with the help of marked cities. In my opinion, this function is not very useful but it is interesting. It is said that they only launched one hundred pieces of this editions. So the price tags of these Dior Christal 8 Pearl watches must be in certain luxurious level just as same as their good looking.


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