May 3

Vintage Doxa Château des Monts Limited Edition Watch

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To a large extent, vintage watches have their own appeal. However, in modern fashion world, people do not want to wear a watch that has vintage conditions. So a lot of watchmakers tend to make vintage timepieces. Customers can get watches with classic styles but brand new parts which need no delicate care or restoration. The watch showed in picture is the Doxa Chateau des Monts. It is the limited edition that is a recreation of 1920s Doxa classic style. This series only have 120 pieces, so wearing one on your wrist can bring you the feeling that others cannot. This watch comes in black or white face and it is hand-wound for the full old-school experience.

The name itself of the watch is historical. Doxa Château des Monts was a building named Le Locle where the founder of Doxa’s lived for many years. It becomes a watch museum now. Though the watch is the unique modern piece, it is designed to pay homage to the classic look in the past. This watch really makes sense due to that there are a group of people who appreciate the art in the past. The stainless steel case looks understated while sophisticated. Through the transparent back, you can see the inner working of the watch. The well-shaped crown is grooved with details, making the watch not only stylish but also easy to wind. White numbers time hands are set on the black dial, making it easy to read time.

The watch needs to be wound and cared every two days to keep it going. You may think that this is a little bit troublesome, but mechanical watches have the advantage that they can last for generations. The Doxa Château des Monts watch represents those classic but not minimalist designs. Each fashion dresser would be curious about this vintage accessory. Those who tend to choose luxury watches will find comfort and allure of this Doxa men’s watch.


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