May 4

Louis Vuitton Tambour Two-Tone Brings Different Feeling

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Few of people can resist the alluring Louis Vuitton timepieces. Louis Vuitton watches are well made pieces and equipped with mechanical Swiss movements. Different to its handbags, the watches of this brand cannot be found anywhere, and it takes you time to search for one.

The luxury brand adds a new line of the two-tone steel and gold timepiece which is unisex.

The uniqueness of this classic Tambour is that the shape of case tapers up from the base. Stainless steel mixes with 18 carat gold. The case is 41.5mm and the branding of Louis Vuitton is engraved on both sides. Bezel and pusher are made of gold. The piece has the conspicuous polishing and graceful and easy-to-read dial. Against the silvered face, the canary yellow hand is designed for extra use.

This Louis Vuitton timepiece is not serving as a fashionable timepiece thought it will never be mistakable. The most important point is that Tambour Two-tone is exactly plays as the high quality timepiece. Functional and legible designs make it the paramount device.

To be specific, the Louis Vuitton Tambour Two-tone for men comes in at least three types including 12-hour chronographs, GMTs and the small second versions. Each of these pieces is built in with Swiss ETA automatic movement. The dials of these watches are the best representatives of refined instrumental movements. From the faces, you can see the clear minute markers on the chapter rings. The dial is so clear that you can even measure the length of both hands.

Unlike other fashion brands which do not pay much attention to their watches, this French fashion brand is really an exceptional.

Even if you are not interested in Louis Vuitton handbags or wallets, this Tambour Two-Tone is extremely different from other products from other fashion houses. It seriously presents their first-rate craftsmanship.

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