Mar 14

Denis Guidone’s Black-and-white Time world

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When people taste Swiss watch for their accuracy and their superb adornment. Look at above design. This is a group of watches designed by Denis Guidone. Different from TokyoFlash electronic style, the creative wrist watch design is dichromatic, only black and white, but extremely brief match colors and line is a suddenly fresh presentation.

Denis Guidone’s Black-and-white Time world

This series of Italian brand design of pure, smooth watches with black contracted as the leading color and red and white as complementary colors. Each watch shows different format and tells time in unique way. There is super concise dot format called Ora Lattea in which the biggest dot represents the hour and the smallest one represents the second. There is very conceptive format with a circle called Ora Unicawhich has two ends in which each end stands for the hour and minutes. And also there is semi-hands format called Tempo Libero. Actually the minutes hand and hour hand are independent rotation transform the passage of time. All of them look very nice. It can be said that they are the union of art and time.

For example, Ora Unica face is composed by two hands which are formed by squiggly lines turn one inside the other. Red stands for minute hand, black stands for hour hand. The shape changes as time passes and displays a graphic gesture.


new-watches-by-denis-guidone-ora imprecisa

These playful watches with unconventional arms bring new appreciation to our time world. The imperfection of irregularity and the break from the tradition of symmetry becomes the distinctive traits of his design and our time. Sometimes when you free yourselves from busy and rushed work and quick life pace and enjoy the time that belongs to your own, you will find that it is another landscape. Just as the designs of Denis Guidone, there are no reasons why not should be brief, simple, concise but creative.

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