Mar 24

Nooka Fashionable Zub Zirc Watches 2011

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nooka-bannerNooka is an America watch company that was founded in 2005 by Matthew Waldman. It pursues a more intuitive way of telling time.

Nooka has designed a wide range of trendy timepieces among which there are Zoo, Zot, Zen, Zub and Zirc. These products display time either through horizontal bars or through dots. Zot is the first design, the hours and minutes are displayed by dots and horizontal bars respectively. Zen’s hours and minutes are displayed by either horizontal bars or vertical bars. Zub combines the display facea of Zoo, Zot and Zen.

Zirc is the newest and unique edition of Nooka Zub collection. The circular dots represent the hour like a traditional clock. It is similar to the clockwise rotation of an analog clock. The minutes are displayed by horizontal bar. The watch bands are made from bright colored polyurethane which is sleek and smooth. With various color assortments, the Zub Zirc is appropriate for any occasion. And it is perfect for colorful spring and summer days.

The Nooka Zub Zirc watches are the most popular ones that are perfect for the active trend-setters who like to make a bold fashion statement. The soft and flexible polyurethane rubbers make them very comfortable to wear.

I love the design and creativity of the 2011 Nooka watch collection. They stand for a sort of fashion and culture.

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