Jul 3

My First Encounter with Christian Louboutin Heels

I am somebody that dislikes wearing high heels and the major reason why I dislike it is that it makes me look uncomfortable. Even my guy usually teased me it made me look like a guy. Although, I did not count it as serious issue with the hope that it is not a necessary thing to change my style for me to please others. I have a flair for flat shoes more than any other shoes and I have been in this habit ever since I graduated. I do not like going to party because of its noisy environment but at times, it could be very difficult to decline just like that of my graduation ceremony. This is the last time we are to spend in our senior school.
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I was given an invitation and immediately, I locked myself inside my room and began to select the set of flat shoes that matches my dress because we were told to appear in our best cloth. The dress I want to use was a gift from my mother. It was stunningly great but there was no shoe that could quantify its beauty. I was thinking of borrowing a shoe but it could be too late to get to my sister in the city because the ceremony is taken place at that particular night. A thought came to my mind and I entered Christian Louboutin in a search engine, I was so scared by the price of each shoe given, I was so seduced by the Christian louboutin heels despite the fact that I have made up my mind never to wear heels. Apart from the heels, I find that there are different kinds of cheap Christian louboutin through their discounted ate. I was so happy because of the cheap price and besides, I could find the Christian louboutin heels look so unique in their makings.

I quickly ran to the closest Christian louboutin sales outlet to me and search through their stock. I found exactly cheap christian louboutin heels I saw on the internet and tested it. The experience was beyond my imagination. Ever since that day, all my thought as regard heels vanished and I look like the angel of the occasion.


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