Apr 20

Sinn 556 Renders You a Distinctive German Style

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We have to admit that Swiss is really a watch kingdom which has famous for extremely great design icons, legendary watch brands and advanced horological innovations. However, occasionally, taking a look at other place is a good idea. Let’s get started from Germany.

Actually, there are a lot of watch brands in Germany among which one company is popular for its finest tool watches named Sinn. Sinn watches are favored by divers, pilots, firefighters and arm forces. They adopt the advanced craftsmanship to build this typical German brand watch. The materials they use are corrosion proof and they can protect the watch from water or moisture. Apart from this, the major feature of Sinn watches is their pervasive prices. For instance, Sinn 556 pilot watch can be bought at a price less than one thousand dollars.

The Sinn 556 best demonstrates German style. Influenced by Bauhaus design concept, it features spare case, minimalist dial and solid construction. Because it is a kind of pilot watch, it is water resistant to 200 meters. And the stainless steel bracelet makes a true versatile sport watch. If you are intertwined with a unique and legible timepiece, Sinn 556 would meet your need. Since there is only one authorized store of Sinn in the America, it is unlikely to see your colleague wearing it too.

Sinn 556 is a perfect model to wear no matter where you go in that there are no outstanding innovations of other watches of this brand. Whether you go to office or do some sports like diving, Sinn 556 can withstand low pressure.

Though Sinn 556 is a German-based watch, it is still built in with Swiss movement which can be seen clearly through the lucid case from back. Sapphire crystal and sturdy steel are robust enough to bear everyday wear. This is a watch which is built to be time-tested and cannot be out of dated soon. You should feel proud of owning such a distinctive timepiece.

Sinn 556

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