Apr 29

Timex Classic Camper: the Pure Model of Military Watch

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timex-campertimex-camperAs you can see in the picture, this is a vintage-themed timepiece. Started in the 1950s, Timex cleaves to the design philosophy of providing watches with excellent quality and reasonable prices. This classic Camper is the specific nostalgia to watchmaking history of this America brand. It annotates function and practice in simple, thin and practice design. In the unobtrusive case built in with a “throw me around” quartz movement. It is cool for any low-pitched men to wear.

Laudably heritage is an indispensible part of Camper’s appeal and it looks more like a classic timepiece. The 35 mm diameter is designed for fashion and practical applicability. The 24-hour dial is often used in military watches in America. It is one of the only watches officially sold to soldiers during the First World War. Nowadays, the straps are made of nylon and the models are available in black and olive drab with petite and minor sizes.

The quartz movement is very convenient and it can go for at least five years before you change batteries. With clear hands and Arabic numerals, the time is easy to read. Luminant is very handy for night viewing. The case is made from metal which protects the watch. The wave water icon reveals the nature of the “camper”. Since it is a military watch, you need not worry too much about its ability to withstand beats. It is water resistant to thirty meters. That means the wading in water is acceptable but not the swimming sessions.

The Timex Classic Camber is a typical model of America watch design and it is too pure to need any extra adornment.

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