Mar 17

Tissot 100 Stopwatch — Fashionable and Classic Automatic Timer

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Tissot-100 stopwatch

New Tissot 100 series watches carry ETA7750 high-performance movement, and combine classical fashion design and dynamic small seconds dial. The perfect combination makes it suitable for various occasions. Dynamic, fashionable, classic, mechanical, all these words can expression their features.

Powerful function and fashionable appearance then can happen concurrently on the Tissot watches. Classical and avant-garde design acts as the breakthrough to the traditional types. Generous and decent dial design reveals its adaptation and tolerance to the present society. But precise clock mechanism technically guarantees time control as same as they do before.  What is worth mentioning is that those Tissot 100 stopwatches contain the essence of the Eastern philosophy: the outside is a good combination of resolute and flexibility, the inside is exact and accurate mechanism.

Tissot 100 is the good example of inheriting the fine traditions. They preserve basic characteristics of the series: the most classical sport wrist watch which indicated from their names where P represents Precision; R the strong Robust; C is for Classic and 100 indicating it featured with 100 meters of waterproof depth. These elements manifest the design essence of these wrist watches: both sporty feeling and classic taste, not only suitable for the movement, but much suitable for formal occasions wear.

Tissot 100’s peculiar circular watchcase with unique twelve edges which look like bolt and are rich of dynamic. Both sides have raised protection devices that protect timing button from collision and appearance damage. Using of fluent line design connect three buttons tactfully. It looks beautiful and fashionable. These fine inheritances, let Tissot 100 automatic stopwatches get their positions.

High-performances of these mechanical stopwatches make them in the top of the victory pyramid.

After succeed in designing their handsome facades, masters store a forceful heart to Tissot 100. High-performance movement ETA7750 with vibration average 28,800 times per hour that decorated with and 25 gems. Power storage can reach 46 hours. It is obvious that details make accuracy. Three asymmetric dials setting balance three small clock locations of double calendar window. Through transparent rear cover, we can appreciate the beauty of rhythmic movement.

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