Mar 7

Replica Rolex Submariner: The Original And Austere Design Shines Till Today

When it comes to the flagship collection of Rolex, Submariner must be the most mentioned one. This name become especially prestigious in the world not only due to its remarkable waterproofness, but also owing to its long-lasting design. Rolex Submariner is one of the rare lines which keeps interpreting the traditional design even in the recent models. As a result, it is not surprising at all if you cannot set the recent model apart from the previous ones. However, there are also some different and impressive pieces in this collection. The vintage Submariner watches are models of that. Different from the classic white-and-black version in the emblematic Submariner watches, the vintage Submariner watches feature special dial with a retro tinge and austere bezel. Even though vintage models are especially rare, it doesn’t mean that they have been overshadowed by the new models. The popularity of replica vintage Submariner watches just tells that.

Replica vintage Submariner watches come with stainless steel cases which are slightly smaller than ones in today’s submariner watches. And what mount on the cases of these replica Rolex Submariner watches is not the ceramic bezel, but the aluminum one with simple, luminescent indexes only. It is that give these replica Rolex Submariner watches a rather original and austere appeal. And the catchy dial is also impressive. Different from the well-known Submariner dial with white luminescent hour markers and hands, dials in replica Rolex Submariner vintage watches feature the 3-6-9 design in beige lume which just adds a vintage hue instead of a strange feel. Undoubtedly, in such a high-contrast design, visibility is kept. Compared to the sober, strict and restrained style in today’s Rolex Submariner, the vintage ones are more unique and personalized. That is why replica Rolex Submariner vintage watches are still sought-after till today, especially by fashionistas.

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