Jan 17

OMEGA’s Ladymatic – An Art of Luxury

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Omega is famous for its watch making. Since it is founded in 1848, Omega has continually contributed to the art of watch making. The core value of Omega is innovative watch making.

Originally launched in 1955, the Omega’s ladymatic was one of the first self-winding Omega’s watches. Unlike some accessories worn with nearly each of your outfit, the Omega’s Ladymatic is this type that you can and should wear for special occasions such as significant ceremony, important party and so on. It features sophisticated, understated diamonds which makes it a real art of luxury. That is the true with the new version.

The Omega’s Ladymatic is specially designed for modern girls who is mature and confident about herself and is fond of social activities. She no longer needs to worry about what goes with her evening dress with elegant image. Or you can choose to go with leather short sleeve of a vintage motorcycle jacket. The key is to wear it for right occasions. The watch definitely is the fashion trend. If even no one notices your outfit, the beautiful watch that has the best series-production mechanical watch movements is eye-catching. Plus, the international celebrity Nicole Kidman starred in this Omega’s watch campaign which links the luxury watch with the image of a mature and graceful woman.

For its functions, it features the smallest automatic movement Omega has ever made and the groundbreaking Co-Axial mechanical movement. The latest launched collection has almost 30 various versions- from elegant rose gold tone with diamonds to black, white and steely silver. And at the same time you can see how much effort the designer made to create such an exquisite timepiece from the small details such as polished diamond bezels and yellow gold cases. At the sight of it, you will love it.

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