Apr 19

Patek Philippe Reference 2438/1 Perpetual Calendar Refreshes Wearer’s Presence

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Began in 1839, Patek Philippe is a famous Swiss watch brand and is considered as one of the finest watch brands all over the world. The retail prices of Patek Philippe pieces range from $13,000 to $20,000. It is a true independent watchmaker in Switzerland. It takes 10 years to train a qualified watch technician. Owning a Patek Philippe watch is a noble symbol for watch enthusiasts. Excellent craftsmanship and super materials build its unfailing brand effect.

If you have this vintage Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar, it could put you in an elite status of watch collectors. This piece was originally produced in 1950s and it was one of the renowned sophisticated timepieces that Patec has ever made. It gains a lot of compliment. Embodied in its modern version 5396 annual perpetual calendar watch, this veritable grail timepiece become the one that true horological aficionado long for and would be proud to own.

The vintage Patek Philippe perpetual calendars generally are auctioned rather than come up for sale. Statistics show that they have been sold for over $500,000 recently.

The shine point of this watch lies in its simple presence but complex inner movement. It is made from precious metals. This watch can only be identified by small number of astute collectors around the world. This is what Patek Philippe is willing to keep and proud of.

This is an extremely fine and rare watch is featured with pink gold dauphine hands, micrometer regulator, silvered matte dial, sweep centre seconds, full-fledged perpetual calendar with leap year and day and night indicator and a moon-phase display, large circular water-resistant-type case, downturned fluted lugs, screw back and 37 millimeters in diameter.

Collecting such watch not only help increase wearer’s legibility, but also makes him looks much more fashion and stylish. Are you willing to refresh your presence?


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