Mar 23

Early Summer Rainbow 2011: Colorful Fashion Wrist Watches

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Watches are, in fact, a kind of accessories. Many companies really make a lot of decent products. Among so many choices, despite their excellent craftsmanship, you may consider the colors of watches as well.

Gerald Genta jeweled watch


Summer 2011 is on the way. For such a vigorous season, greenery marks the arrival of the summer. Everything is vibrant, meaning the infinite hope. Those who are favor of green wrist watches also have the same green temperament. In this early summer, it’s wonderful to wear a green watch to relax and enjoy the feeling of fresh. Bright green has something similar to early summer soft lawn. It is really a new design that green takes up so large proportion of the whole watch. The natural texture reveals liberality; just like placing oneself in a forest.

Richard Mille RM007 series wrist watch

Richard Mille

Red stands for summer passion. Its shining out ring overshadows surroundings. Wearing such wrist watch, will you be warm like summer sunshine. Red ornament makes the design more unrestrained. Irregular pattern of rubies add luxuriant temperament to this originally neutral wrist watch.

Dazzling golden Swarovski D: light wrist watch

swarovski-D: light

Gold is always the most exalted color which has the magic power of driving off dark. Full-bodied wrist watch decorated with bright yellow becomes the symbol of the identity and status. Golden appearance adds vitality and warm for summer days. Most importantly, it will become the focus of popularity. Following the creative timing method, users just need press the watch crown of swan pattern lightly; the shiny orange line will outline time on the dials.

Piaget regulator wrist watch


Perhaps blue is not the most conspicuous color in the rainbow, but it is the most profound one. It won’t give us melancholy illusion. Conversely, its independence reveals transcendent side. To those who want to show natural charm, no one is able to replace such wrist watch. Dark blue wrist watch is like a tranquil lake. Almighty functions are hidden under the simple dial, as if mysteries the cold color bring to us, it contains the infinite energy.

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