Mar 6

Unique Cartier Captive Watch Makes You Prominent

Cartier never ceases to make gorgeous watches for its enthusiast customers and watch experts all over the world. The watches from Cartier brand usually perform fabulously in both appearance and functions. When looking back all the watches this famous watchmaker has brought to the market, the Cartier Captive watch wins the heart of people worldwide with their unique and attractive design.

The Cartier Captive watch is delivered with an oversized case, measuring 35 mm in diameter. The case of the model is fitted with a bezel, also adorned with round diamonds. It is definitely one of those timepieces that you would fall in love with at first sight! Sculptured in 18 carat rhodium-plated white gold, the watch displays a rhodium-plated white gold dial, studded with round diamonds and protected by a sapphire crystal. The dial is more art than watch. The elongated hour markers seem to burst in a sunray pattern. The upper lug extends into the face like part of a chain link. Chains hold things together, so perhaps that is how they came up with the “Captive” name.

In addition, as a functional timepiece, the Cartier Captive watch boasts 30-meter water-resistance, which is quite enough for daily use. The final touch to the model’s design is a matching white gold strap. The watch is curved and comes with a sapphire crystal. Inside the watch is a Swiss quartz movement. A lovely little and likely highly expensive model it is!

If you are really into the Cartier Captive watches but do not have enough money to afford them, you are far not alone. Actually, these luxurious watches are quite beyond the reach of most common people. However, today more and more wise shoppers are going for the top grade Cartier replica watches which look just as fantastic but are far more affordable than the originals. Stop thinking and just order the Cartier replica watches online right now!

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